Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recording again: the wonderful world of backing vocals

Well, a rough draft of chapter two of my dissertation is done and now I am back recording. I just finished "Car Tapes," the song I mentioned a few posts ago; I added a lead vocal, a vocal doubling the lead vocal, and no less than three tracks of backing vocals. It's by far the largest number of vocal tracks I've ever done on one song; I've hardly ever even done backing vocals, in fact. But "Car Tapes" was crying out for them. Maybe it's all the 60s soul I've been listening to lately. Recording vocals can be quite stressful for me. First, I have to be alone in the apartment, and preferably in the building, but of course the latter is quite difficult to achieve... otherwise I am too mortified to sing. To prepare, I warm up by singing along to some songs I enjoy singing along to (today's winner: "Older" by Bawl). Then I set up, sing along to the track a few times, have a glass of water, and record. I'm very pleased with the results and excited about this track.

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