Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Homemade Recycled Paper

Here is the recycled paper I made at home a few days ago. Notice the parchment paper (aka greaseproof paper), which I've found to be the best material to dry the sheets on. Initially, the pulp sticks to it so you can hang it up in front of a window (or better still, on a clothesline) and, as it dries, it begins to loosen; when it's ready you can just peel it off.
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  1. Hey Ornaith - did you know that I also dabbled in paper making? Do you use a blender? I ruined many before realizing that I needed better machinery. What is your secret?

    Kristen V.

  2. Cool!! No I didn't know that. Yay! I made a few different kinds-- for the thin, smoother stuff I used the blender (plenty of water and very small pieces seems to work for me) and then I made some more "textured" card-like stuff by adding in more blender-pulp relative to water and making some pulp with hand-torn pieces. I'll bring some samples to the pub next time for your expert critique...