Monday, May 20, 2013

“We Are Where We Are” track-by-track guide-- 10. Off the Grid

I'm a city person at heart-- I thrive on the energy you get in urban areas-- but from time to time, I dream about packing it all in and going off-grid to live in some kind of commune way out in the countryside, living in harmony with nature, away from the rat-race. The chorus catches me at my most optimistic, even if it's still qualified: “There's almost always some kind of choice.” I certainly don't think most people have a realistic prospect of dropping everything and going to live in some rural paradise. But I do think that there is often a bit more room for change in our lives than we see, especially when stress and pressure takes over. Maybe that change isn't that big, maybe it's just setting aside some creative time every week, but that's not nothing. The music was written on my Nashville-tuned guitar and the version you hear features a (virtual!) horn section.

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