Wednesday, May 15, 2013

“We Are Where We Are” track-by-track guide-- 7. Pink-jumpered Angela

This is a simple sketch of home-- Salthill, a seaside suburb of Galway city. I used to work in one of the grocery stores there and although I was not the most gregarious youngster, I enjoyed meeting all the characters that used to come in: there was a pink-jumpered Angela, and all the bingo ladies, and families like my own that shopped there from generation to generation. There were also a lot of gobshites like the one evoked in the second verse. I started the song around the time I left Ireland, hence the sentiment of knowing I had to go, but it took a while to finish and the passage of time has made it more of a nostalgic piece. The little noise at the end is me catching my mug of tea with the shaker I was just finished recording-- I liked how it rounded things off so I left it in.

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