Tuesday, May 14, 2013

“We Are Where We Are” track-by-track guide-- 6. Safe Between My Headphones

When I lived in New York, obviously I spent a lot of time on the train and like most New Yorkers, I had a love-hate relationship with it. One striking thing about it is that you have this odd experience of being so close to lots of people, seeing what they are reading, overhearing their highly personal conversations (you wouldn't believe the stuff that people confide to their friends in front of whole subway cars), seeing them cry or sleep or eat, and yet being largely unable to connect with them. Sometimes it's okay to say something-- “hey, that's my favorite book”-- but usually there's an unspoken agreement that you'll pretend you don't see or hear them. So we look at the ads about hammer toe, Dr. Zizmor's amazing skin peels, and careers in parking instead. Subway preachers attempt to get people out of that, but it doesn't work; in this case, we know that no good can come from making eye contact.

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