Tuesday, March 16, 2010

World of Gutters track-by track guide: (10) SNN

SNN by Ornaith O'Dowd
As is probably obvious, this track is inspired by Johnny Marr. It wasn't always going to be an instrumental but as it turned out, I felt that the music alone captured the nostalgic feeling I was trying to get across far better than words could. For those who don't know, SNN is the code for Shannon Airport, where I fly when I go home to Ireland. The whole album is played on a strat because that is the only 6-string I had at the time. I've been a big fan of the bridge pickup for most things, but the main riff here uses the middle pick-up, perhaps the most distinctive sound a strat can make; I don't think I would use any other guitar for this track, even if I had my pick. At the end there is also mandolin and a bamboo flute I bought for a few dollars at Pearl River Mart, one of my favourite stores in New York.

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