Friday, March 12, 2010

World of Gutters track-by-track guide: (9) Falling into Place

Falling into Place by Ornaith O'Dowd
This song began as a guitar riff (the arpeggio in the verses) that I thought was going to turn into a tough shoegaze kind of thing. Songs can take on a life of their own, though; that riff I made up in March was left hanging around, unelaborated, until the summer. I came up with the chorus guitar part and suddenly it was slower, sweeter, romantic. The melody and lyrics came to me all in a rush in one evening (I can't even explain how, really) and I recorded all the vocals, the salt shaker (one of those Morton's salt containers with the picture of the little kid), and hand claps in under an hour. It seemed important to capture the moment and listening to it, I think it does. I'd been listening to a lot of 1960s soul over the summer and those sounds seeped in a little bit. This is also the first time I have successfully written a love song for my partner (it's quite difficult when you're happily in love).

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