Friday, January 15, 2010

World of Gutters track-by-track guide: (1) Can't Undo

Can't Undo by Ornaith O'Dowd
The album begins with Can't Undo, a mixture of shoegaze and pop whose basic elements were written a few years ago. Even though it has lyrics referring to snow, I find it quite summery. This is the first song of mine whose slide guitar part is done with a proper slide, thanks to Pablo and Erin's excellent 2008 birthday present; the only other time I've recorded a slide guitar part, on "An Evening by the Sea" from The Pomegranate Heart, I used a ring. (I learned that trick from reading the liner notes of my first Jimi Hendrix compilation tape.) For the watery sound at the start of the song, I put the drums through a pitchshifter.

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